Call for Papers (Volume 2, 2024)

Pázmány Papers is a peer-reviewed online journal, published in English once a year, with the aim of disseminating original, cutting-edge research within the fields of linguistics, literary and cultural studies. The journal is interdisciplinary in its scope, and it intends to provide a forum for both young researchers and established scholars to discuss theoretical or empirical questions. All issues have a special section with a thematic focus, together with a general section and a selection of book reviews.

The journal is now inviting contributions to its second issue, to be published in 2024. Continuing the thematic focus of the first issue, we are once again inviting papers on “Hospitality”, which can be approached from any perspective within the fields of literary or cultural studies, linguistics, philosophy or theology, whether interpreted within the framework of Jacques Derrida’s thought, through the investigation of literary case studies, or the discussion of cultural phenomena of any kind. At the same time, we are also inviting proposals for thematic sections to be published in the journal.

All submissions, including scholarly articles of approx. 5-6000 words in length, accompanied by short bio notes (50‒100 words), similarly to book reviews (500-1000 words), should be submitted through the journal’s online platform. The deadline for the submission of articles for the current volume is 30 April 2024. Later submissions may be considered for a subsequent issue of the journal.

All inquiries regarding the “Hospitality” section can be sent to the editor, Anikó Radvánszky at, while any general inquiries should be addressed to the editor-in-chief, Kinga Földváry at