Vol. 24 No. 1 (2023)

« Mondes de la fiction et de la simulation – ou bien que nous dit la littérature du XXIe siècle ? » Hervé le Tellier : L’Anomalie

Anikó Radvánszky
Université Catholique Pázmány Péter

Published 27-06-2023

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Radvánszky, A. (2023). « Mondes de la fiction et de la simulation – ou bien que nous dit la littérature du XXIe siècle ? » Hervé le Tellier : L’Anomalie. Verbum – Analecta Neolatina, 24(1), 53–62. https://doi.org/10.59533/Verb.2023.24.1.3


Le Tellier’s novel The Anomaly is based on the simulation hypothesis of contemporary philosopher Nick Bostrom, according to whom it is likely that what we call humanity now is merely a computer simulation run by a much more advanced civilization. This philosophical idea has an exciting connection to literature, too as books can also be considered a kind of simulation. Their characters do not exist, but we give them life by inventing them and believing in them. Our study discusses the connection between fictional and simulated worlds through the novel of Hervé le Tellier, while also investigating the way in which this work receiving the Prix Goncourt in 2020 is connected to the posthumanist discourse of our time.


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