Vol. 23 No. 1 (2022)

Multilinguisme urbain : L’aroumain sur la carte linguistique de Belgrade

Anita Čović
Université de Belgrade

Published 04-07-2022

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Čović, A. (2022). Multilinguisme urbain : L’aroumain sur la carte linguistique de Belgrade. Verbum – Analecta Neolatina, 23(1), 177–204. Retrieved from https://ojs.ppke.hu/verbum/article/view/238


With this study we intend to point out the existence of the Aromanian language variety in the urban setting of Belgrade as a part of Balkan Romance. Our field research was conducted on a sample of Aromanian speakers and non-speakers whose families settled there during the 20th century. We included informants from different age ranges and various socio-economic categories, and we built a corpus of recorded spoken language of Aromanian and Serbian. The interviews were semi-structured with a sociolinguistic thematic. We collected valuable information about the social, economic and historic context that caused the mobility of the Aromanians, as well as about their language profile and linguistic manners. Our research reveals the attitudes of the speakers and non-speakers toward their heritage language, their ethnic and linguistic identity. Analysing our subjects’ discourse, we identified three Aromanian variants, all coming from localities in North Macedonia. We also paid special interest to the code-switching practice of one of our informants.